Kimaid Cleaning Service can accommodate any level of service you require.

Kimaid will coordinate and design, with you, a cleaning plan that’s specific to your personal needs and wants. Each service is unique, whether residential or commercial and will reflect your own environment and circumstances. Whether the service is a three-hour light cleaning of an entire home or a three-hour in-depth cleaning in a specific area or office space, we will complete the job to your satisfaction.

Estimates are not always based on the square footage of a home as some folks live in a 5,000 sq ft home but only require the kitchen and bathrooms to be cleaned.  So that may only take 2 hours to clean at $197.75, including HST.  Whereas to clean the entire house could be 5 or 6 hours +.  So each home is unique and requires its own estimate.  We can discuss further.

Services and invoicing start at a minimum of 1.5 hours.  Details and pricing of your cleaning will be discussed at our initial meeting.

Staff work in teams of two, and are covered under WSIB, insured and bonded.

Cleaning a glass surface with yellow gloves on, cleaner and paper towel.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel but we need to know no later than 5 pm the day before if you are cancelling. If you cancel after 5 pm, the day before your scheduled cleaning, there is a $98.88 cancellation fee (includes HST).